Apptio Certified Practitioner: TargetProcess

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Become a product expert and earn an industry-recognized credential. Gain in-depth knowledge of product features and best practices. Learn about customization options and solutions that can help you optimize your organization's use of TargetProcess. Recommended for project management leaders and TargetProcess administrators.

The ACP Learning Plan includes over 10 hours of training content and 3 live instructor-led courses.

Available with purchase of an All Access Education Pass (AAEP). AAEP also includes access to ApptioOne and Cloudability certifications.

Instructor-Led Courses (Virtual)

Introduction to TargetProcess
(3 hrs)

Set goals for your use of TargetProcess, navigate TargetProcess, build a work hierarchy and views, and create Strategic Objectives and Key Results.

Portfolio Planning
(2 hrs)

Align initiatives to strategic objectives, connect ideas and work items, build a portfolio roadmap, track progress on a portfolio kanban, and practice portfolio backlog management activities.

Program Increment (PI Planning) (2 hrs)

Learn how to use the PI Planning Event solution and practice conducting key PI Planning activities such as planning work items and managing dependencies.

Learning Plan Overview

Introduction Icon

Learn how to manage requests and ideas, set strategic objectives, manage teams, and conduct capacity and demand planning and budgeting.

  • Introduction to TargetProcess ILT
  • Request Management
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Managing Teams
  • Team and Portfolio Assignments
  • Backlog Management
  • Portfolio Capacity Planning and Labor Costs
  • Project Portfolio Budgeting Solution
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Learn how to conduct Portfolio and PI Planning, monitor and improve estimation practices, and manage dependencies, impediments, goals, and risks.

  • Portfolio Planning ILT
  • Portfolio Views, Prioritization, and WIP Limits
  • Program Increment (PI) Planning ILT
  • Program Increments and Team Iterations
  • Estimation Accuracy Reports
  • Estimation Board and List Views
  • Relations and Dependencies
  • Impediments and Dependencies
  • PI Objectives and Iteration Goals
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Advanced Risk Management
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Execution & Monitoring

Learn how to use custom views to easily track the data that matters most to you and learn how to track work progress and completion.

  • Custom Views
  • Actions Menu
  • Filters
  • Time Tracking
  • Notifications, Following, and Comments
  • Process Notifications and Notification Rules
  • Definition of Done
  • Program Progress Tracking
Introduction Icon

Reflect and report on completed work and process transformations. Share results with teams and other stakeholders.

  • Retrospectives
  • Lead Times, Cycle Times, and Flow
  • Reporting on Lead Times, Cycle Times, and Flow
  • Measurement Monitoring
  • Sharing Reports