Apptio Certified Practitioner: Cloudability

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This course of study is designed for Cloudability users who want a deeper understanding of Cloudability and the FinOps framework, so they can help their teams bring greater value to the organization. It covers fundamentals of understanding Apptio Value and User Essentials, introductions to Cloud and Apptio Cloudability products, an instructor-led class on public cloud cost management, and two deep-dive instructor-led sessions on two crucial Cloudability features: tagging and dashboards.
Upon completion, students will be assigned the title of Apptio Certified Practitioner

Plan Includes

  • 3 hours of self-paced training
  • 5 hours of instructor-led training
  • Ongoing weekly office hours with instructors

Instructor-Led Courses (Virtual)

Introduction to Public Cloud Cost Management (1.5hr)

An Apptio Instructor will guide you through the fundamental framework of FinOps and how it is applied to drive value.

Cloudability: Tagging Strategy & Compliance (2hr)

In this class, we'll talk about the importance and challenges of tagging, checking tagging compliance, and how to set a tagging strategy.

Cloudability: Aligning Personas to Dashboards (2hr)

This class is for Cloudability users who want to maximize value by ensuring their personas are aligned to the dashboards they use every day, so they see the data they care about even faster.

Learning Plan Overview

Introduction Icon
Welcome to Apptio Cloudability

Begin your FinOps journey through Cloudability with these videos

  • Introduction to Cloud & Cloudability
  • Introduction to FinOps
  • Frontdoor & Cloudability
  • Frontdoor Management for Admins
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Cloudability Home

Begin navigating in Cloudability at Home. These modules will get you started.

  • Dashboards & Widgets
  • Reports
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Insights in Cloudability

Walkthroughs of the Cloudability features in the Insights section.

  • True Cost Explorer
  • Tag Explorer
  • Containers
  • Intro to Containers & Kubernetes
  • Navigating Container Cost Allocation
  • Reservation Portfolio
  • Savings Plans
  • Anomaly Detection
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Optimize & Plan

Walkthroughs of the Cloudability features in the Optimize & Plan sections.

  • Reserved Instance Planner
  • Rightsizing
  • Budgets, Forecasts, and Current Month
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Organize in Cloudability

Walkthroughs of the Cloudability features in the Organize section.

  • Tag Mapping
  • Account Groups
  • Business Mappings
  • Views
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Organize in the API

Organizing business metrics in the API, on the back end.

  • Business Metrics
Introduction Icon
Ask an Expert: Use Case Alignment

In this series, we'll address several key questions about use cases.

  • Tag Explorer Use Cases
  • Optimization Opportunities
  • Budgets & Forecasts
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Optimizing Rates
  • RIs and Savings Plans
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FAQ: Seven Common Issues

We'll address seven common questions users have about Cloudability

  • Seven FAQ in Cloudability