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  • Blog Post: Cloud Freakonomics

    There is a widely held assumption that the Cloud is usually a more cost-effective means of procuring IT resources. But of course, we all know what happens when you ‘assume’. Forrester analyst and cloud cognoscenti, James Staten tackles the thorny issue of cloud economics in a new report...
  • Blog Post: Why CIOs Need New Metrics

    Today’s IT environment is rapidly changing, and CIOs are constantly on the look-out for innovative projects that can improve performance, enhance efficiencies and/or cut costs. Sometimes, identifying the “right” project is the easy part, though. Often, it’s much more difficult...
  • Blog Post: What IT Really Wants: Relevancy

    What do IT organizations want most? Could it be the latest technology? Better training? A bigger budget? The answer may surprise you. According to a new study from InformationWeek , the one thing IT organizations want most is more engagement and support from business leaders and colleagues...