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The Apptio blog provides insights into topics ranging from Technology Business Management (TBM) to "Life @ Apptio" stories from Apptio colleagues.
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  • Blog Post: The End of the CIO?

    Upon reading his own obituary, Mark Twain was said to have uttered his now famous retort: "the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Today’s CIO might be forgiven for hearing similar whispers. According to a recent survey conducted by UK IT consulting firm Getronics...
  • Blog Post: The Hybrid CIO-CFO

    Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that a number of customers have redefined traditional roles and reporting structures as they update their IT organizations to meet the demands of today’s financially oriented business environment. In some cases, cross functional roles like the “CFO...
  • Blog Post: Who Holds the IT Pursestrings?

    If IT is to truly embrace the mandate of running like a business, that means IT leaders must update their approach and implement strategies to make the business management of technology pervasive across the enterprise. And what wil be the consequences if they don’t? These days, IT has become...