Today Apptio announced a new capability for helping IT track costs from virtualized environments.  The expansion of virtualization—server, desktop, storage, etc.—is making it virtually (pun intended) impossible to track the cost of underlying physical components without good financial management systems.  As businesses are spending more on IT, at the same time reduce operating costs, they are being asked to provide greater transparency on where IT is spending its resources and how that flows back to the business units.  IT leaders need financial management systems that tie into virtualization management systems such as vCenter to provide transparency, cost allocation and investment decision analytics.

The Server Virtualization Cost Transparency template integrates with VMware vCenter Chargeback to provide true activity based costing (ABC) of VM’s and their underlying physical infrastructure.  This data feed is a critical element, along with data from help desk and other labor systems, software cost, storage and other infrastructure, facilities cost, and more, to provide an accurate analysis of the total cost of IT Services.  The template simplifies the integration process, provides standard allocation connections and provides out-of-the-box cost reports and KPI’s, reducing the time and effort to get up and running with Cost Transparency.