Goldman Sachs released its March IT Spending Survey Report stating that Cost Reduction has jumped to the Top Priority among IT organizations with over 80% of survey respondents calling it a “High Priority”— an amazing ~45 percentage points higher than the 2nd priority-- and another 15% identifying it as a “Medium Priority”. Also in the top 5 priorities are Server Virtualization, Server Consolidation and Data Center Consolidation (Desktop Virtualization and Data De-Duplication come in at positions 12 & 13, respectively); all cost reducing initiatives.

We all knew that cost reduction and cost containment was on everyone’s mind, but this indicates a step function change in the level of urgency around driving cost out of IT.

Of course, our reaction to this news is “let us help you find new cost cutting opportunities and maximize the return on the options you’re already investigating.” That’s what IT Cost Optimization is all about.