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The Apptio blog provides insights into topics ranging from Technology Business Management (TBM) to "Life @ Apptio" stories from Apptio colleagues.
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  • Blog Post: Chargeback as a means of Demand Management

    Kurt Marko of has written some excellent articles on the field of IT Financial Management (see my previous blog Quantifying the Cost of IT ). His article this week, To Chargeback or Not? , provides a very nice overview of the key arguments pro and con to implementing chargeback. His...
  • Blog Post: RT "Quantifying The Cost Of IT Services"

    A very relevant article written by Kurt Marko, " Quantifying the Cost of IT Services: Accurately and Transparently Reporting IT Costs " " managers need to start speaking the language of business, namely numbers—and they don’t mean bits, bytes, and megahertz. Yet it’s...
  • Blog Post: IT Financial Management Association and Trust

    Last week the IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA) conference descended on Charleston, South Carolina, as the most concentrated group of people focused on IT financial issues found anywhere in the world. Never before have I spent so much time talking about the challenges and best practices of...