Recently I had the opportunity to facilitate one of our regional Transform Roundtables in Chicago with the CIO of VW Credit, Kari VenderVeen and her Manager of IT Finance and Performance, Usman Ghani. Attending this roundtable event were five other companies who were interested in understanding how VW Credit shaped their TBM initiative and where they plan to take it in the years ahead. VW Credit has derived significant value since deploying the Apptio solution and Kari and Usman used this forum to enumerate both the quantitative and qualitative benefits of their TBM project, which I have captured below: 

Quantitative Value (Hard ROI):

  1. Kari estimates that they were able to shave approximately 20% in labor savings by relying less on manual input and re-work (allowing them to focus their attention on higher value analysis and decision making).
  2. VW Credit was able to realize significant savings through an application rationalization initiative enabled by Apptio.
  3. By analyzing their storage utilization data, VW Credit was able to identify additional opportunities for savings.  
  4. Intelligence surfaced from the Apptio solution was able to show the business units that the fully burdened cost of laptops was twice that of desktops – which also influenced buying behaviors.
  5. Improved the Telcom Expense Management process via automated reports and drill downs generated by Apptio – making the business more accountable.
  6. Apptio helped to drive five percent out of “Run the Business” each year, enabling IT to re-invest that into more strategic “Change the Business” initiatives.  Both Kari and Usman felt that this wouldn’t have been possible without Apptio.

Qualitative Value (Soft ROI): 

  1. Able to finally show a transparent Bill of IT to the Business – one BU required a method to showback while another required a more rigorous chargeback system.  This fundamentally altered behavior by showing that IT is not a free resource to be consumed at will by the business.
  2. Can now provide real-time data to multiple BUs which has allowed Usman (the IT Finance Manager) to spend less time manipulating data and more time providing valuable financial analysis.
  3. Demonstrated to the business that data accuracy is both defensible and credible.
  4. Now have the “financial agility” to make better and faster decisions.


If ROI and Payback are critical to getting your project off the ground, let us connect you with some of our customers who have written business cases and later verified the savings with Apptio.