As you might have seen in our latest press release, Apptio had a very good Q1 with a number of new customer acquisitions. A common thread we heard from CIOs in Q1 goes something like this: “I have systems to manage my projects and track ROI on the ‘Change-the-Business’ side of IT (aka., development, new projects), but I need better tools to help me track efficiency, operational metrics and ROI on the Run-the-Business side which is 60%-70% of my IT spend.”

It’s true that the PPM market segment has provided a lot of good tools for the CTB side of IT. But that addresses less than a third of most IT spend. If IT departments are going to get more focused on reducing cost and improving efficiency in IT, they would be wise to focus where the biggest pools of money are; Run-the-Business (aka., Keep the Lights On or Operations). Already, we see some players in PPM (Planview) starting to recognize this and move some of their capabilities to the RTB challenges.

The follow-on conversation with the aforementioned CIOs is always “I need to see all my financial performance and operational performance data in one system. I don’t want to be jumping from system to system and comparing apples to oranges when I need to make decisions or report to the CEO.” So winner in this space will need to bring the critical data into one system and present key metrics from across all IT.